Conferences and presentations

Standing invitation

If you want to talk about game localization, I want to talk to you, either during conferences or anytime in Tokyo. I live near the city center, so I'll be happy to meet you and buy a coffee.

You can reach me through the links at the bottom of this page (although I strongly prefer email as a communication method)


I just came back from the IGDA Localization SIG Roundtable at GDC 2017.

You can find the report here

Interviews and podcasts

“We are part of game development and involved in all aspects of it” Advice to new translators, best practices and tools, challenges of the job... Marta Chereshnovska gave me some great topics to play with! Originally written for her blog, this interview was then reworked and updated for the American Translation Association Chronicle.

"What can I do for you, adventurer?" - Benefits of working as a team, origins of the LocJAM contest, recommended links. A short but rich interview for Valentina Ambrogio.

"[ITA] Nella job description c'è scritto: “Deve sapere tutto”. O comunque devi essere capace di imparare tutto." - A general introduction to videogame translation for the web magazine, shared during Gamescom 2011

"[ITA] Outcast speciale localizzazione 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011" - It's now a tradition for IGN's Andrea Maderna to host us and other industry veterans for a yearly podcast meant both to explain the challenges of localization to players and to promote the LocJAM contest.