Craft your videogames into videogiochi with GLOC

Craft your videogames into videogiochi with GLOC

A whole creative and technical team approach for a localization in tune with your game. This is what we aim to offer at GLOC. Even if your project seem like a maze of intricate twisty passages, all alike, we will be there at your side, ensuring you the highest quality localization and tailored workflow you were looking for.

Some useful guidance for your next localization adventure:

You can think of us as the trusty village shopkeeper that helps you prepare for your daring translation quests. Our team of freelance English to Italian translation specialists are fully qualified industry veterans, with more than 15 years’ experience and a great passion for their craft.

Our guarantees:

  • Agility: We translate and review at a fast rate of up to 10.000 words a day, assuring quick turnarounds and reactivity.
  • Top-notch standards: We work with the most modern CAT tools, like memoQ and Xbech, automatically verifying wrong terminology, missed tags or numbers, etc
  • Extra QA checks: We use a central database to store your projects, and always let a second translator review them, securing text consistency.
  • Work around the clock: We are always ready to produce the finest work, whenever you need it. With our two offices based in Italy and Japan, we won’t miss any opportunity.
  • Security: All project files are stored and shared under military-grade AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Multilingual localization: We have also created a network of innovative experts for French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Japanese providing the same standards at an international level, without the need for management fees.

8,000,000+ words translated for some of the greatest titles

Our experience give us the knowledge and understanding to assess and optimize the best practices for your localization project. We took pride in working as both in-house and freelance localization and testing specialists for names such as Rockstar Games, Square Enix and Capcom. We have honed our skills with hundreds of AAA titles including Pro Evolution Soccer and Naruto; and are delighted to have taken part in indie projects such as Papers Please and Ether One.

What they say about us:

Francis Ishii - Street Fighter IV

Alain is very dedicated to his work, versatile and brilliant. He is constantly looking for solutions to issues and always willing to offer his assistance. He would be an asset to any localization project.

Lucas Pope - Papers, Please

The first person I talked to seriously about localizing the game was Alain Dellepiane from GLOC. He was already a fan of the game and very knowledgable about how it should be translated to keep the nuances intact. After meeting Alain I was certain that his team should do the Italian localization for me.

Alex Rose - Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Alain is a champion. With his network of contacts we were able to translate into 7 other languages. He acted as a mediator, solving any problems, communicating information, advised me on the best course of action, and really just took the gargantuan task of managing 7 different translators and their individual questions/issues and made it a breeze.

“It’s dangerous to go alone!”

Since we’re in this journey together, from translator to end user, we haven’t forgotten about the ones that make everything possible: the gamers.

We keep strong ties with the gaming community leading the efforts of the IGDA Localization Group, creating the LocJAM game translation contest, writing articles and recording podcasts with the community and so on.

We know who you are talking to:

And that’s why localizing your game at GLOC means

  • No coordination fees: that’s the advantage of working with only industry veterans
  • A free project style guide: detailing important parameters such as platform, age rating, length limits, characterization/adaptation and specific requests and goals
  • Cost-effectiveness: everything on a rate of 0.08 Euro per word. This is high enough for us to ensure the highest standards, yet low enough to fit easily within your budget

GLOC is for agencies, game publishers, indie devs, and for all the things that will never be lost in translation. Tell us about your project!

Let the adventure begin!

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