Translating worlds

Game localization, hiking, rants (by Alain Dellepiane)


Better than right

I think we gave Faster Than Light the translation it deserves. I also think a lot of people are going to hate it for it


Things I learned about quality and time

Four lessons I learned from a basic fact: we need money to live


Job description: sitting and staring

For all its merits, game localization remains a deeply intellectual, very sedentary job, and you should plan around that for your physical and mental health


Tokyo Game Localization Roundtable

How our first Localization Roundtable went (as far as I can remember it)


How Cuphead was translated, and why you might never see it.

Challenges and lessons of localizing a 1930-styled indie game


“That's very A-like!” Discover your characters through Japan's obsession with blood types

Character profiles for Japanese games often mention their fictional blood type. Why is that, and how can it help your translation?


Auto-add line returns automatically with an Excel macro

Save time when you need to manually add line breaks based on character length limits


Goodbye LocJAM and thanks for all the fish

How my best experiment so far was born, why it's over and why I really want to move on


What the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038) can teach us?

A brief summary of the EN 15038 Standard for Translation Services, highlighting the most useful practical advice for a single translator or small team.


How do you build the right website for a videogame translator? (UPDATE)

An ongoing collection of thoughts about how to reshape my online presence. Might include useful ideas for others


How we built a solid translation test... from a simple Nintendo DS game

A quick look on how we built a solid entrance test for videogame translators, learned from it and then stopped running tests altogether


Localization conferences at GDC2017

A quick summary of all localization-related conferences at the Games Developers Conference 2017, featuring Final Fantasy, management tools and Chinese challenges


IGDA Localization SIG Roundtable 2017: how was it?

A quick summary of how the localization roundtable at GDC 2017 went, with the main points of discussion and some behind-the-scenes perspective


Team translations: many hands make for light words

A quick overview of how we share work in our virtual-online based team


Dear Esther, the ghost in the (game) machine

The old father of "walking simulators" still has a few things to teach about player immersion and creative translation


I switched from Wordpress to PicoCMS. How did that go?

How getting back to basics made me want to blog again


Translating Ether One

In a game about memory, the first challenge is making the past come alive


Conferences and presentations

A curated list of materials from the conferences and presentations we attended over the years


Translating Papers, Please: analysis

A detailed postmortem about translating the "Papers, Please" indie game, with in-depth analysis and lessons learned.


How to translate YouTube subtitles quickly

A quick and simple process for extracting and translating YouTube subtitles, explained step by step with screenshots


Common video game misconceptions: localization testing

Localization testing is the last bastion against bad game translations. An experienced lead tester tells us more about truths and myths of this vital job


Windows to Linux Migration: A translator’s experience

How Linux turned my old, slow computer into a nice workstation... And why I ended up using Windows again


Building a better glossary with the help of Science

A quick introduction to terminology extraction, based on free tools


Let's translate a videogame step by step (video tutorial)

7 YouTube videos showing the preparation and distribution of game translations using a range of tools.


The MDA framework and how it can help us

A quick summary of the Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics framework, how it analyzes games, and how it can improve our translations.


My career in 24 games

My work trajectory from doing night-shifts for language-testing GTA San Andreas to working at the Pfizer building in Tokyo for the most forgotten game Square ever made and beyond.


Pegi ratings explained: behind the scenes of the Pan European Game Information system

Infographic with the Pegi ratings explained. All you need to know about how games are reviewed and rated all across Europe!


Decoding video game credits: what all those titles mean?

What all those titles mean? Let's review the main video game credits through the Game Industry Crediting: A Snapshot of the Present paper by IGDA.


What movies taught me about subtitles and writing

Simple, practical techniques for subtitle writing that made my videogame writing more clear and effective


Fighting game translations: core terminology

On the surface, fighting game translations seem quite easy. A bit of thrash talk, some bombastic move names and you are done. Or maybe there's more than meets the eye?


Crowdsourced translations in video-games: do they work?

A case study about the crowd translation of Trucks & Trailers


The tale of a professional translator and the developer next door

A brief story about what a professional translator and a software developer can learn from each other


Top five ways to waste your localization budget

A humorous review of common mistakes that afflict localization projects


Writing for videogame translations: Interactive Narration

Challenges and rewards of writing for an interactive medium


(Not so) Funny accents, the case of Jamaican in Italian videogame translations

Regional accents are a common characterization trope in English, but how well they translate?


Groupware and online project management tools for freelance translators

A brief list with screenshots and demo links of the best (and worst) groupware and online project management tools we tried before building our own


Game localization tools: tiny and free apps that will save your day

A brief list, with screenshots and download links, of simple, useful and free tools for translators and localizers that can really make the difference!


How to become game translator

A few personal notes on what could help you getting started in this field


Three reasons to cut jargon from your game translation (and three to keep it in)

Game texts are always half-way between a technical manual and narrative. A couple of practical tips on how to use that perspective for dealing with jargon.


Game translation in a sim-ship world

From launch day, modern games come fully translated into multiple languages. A brief discussion on the radical impact this has on the localization process


Writing for videogame translators (2) – The persons of the play

A brief analysis of archetypes common in both games and writing.


Game localization macros: export comment data to an adjacent cell

A quick and dirty method for exporting comment data


Game localization macros: auto-insert hard line returns

A quick and dirty method for automatically adding hard line returns in Excel


Videogame translators: 72 hours you should spend to stay updated

A few ideas to keep the pace in a fast-moving industry


Writing for videogame translators (1) – Basic Story Structure

A brief analysis of story structures common in both games and writing.


Common video game misconceptions: video game translation

A brief, humurous summary of widely held misconceptions about our job


Game translation techniques: RPG inventories

A few tips and ideas for translating a surprisingly complex type of text


Game localization techniques: text levels

A review of the different functions texts has to play in an interactive media


Game localization tools: speech recognition and text readers

A brief summary of the benefits and drawbacks of using speech recognition and text readers for your videogame translations.


Game localization tips: checking inline tags with Word and Excel

How to spell-check files with inline tags? How to ensure that non tag is missing from the translation? A quick guide using basic tools like Word and Excel.


Game localization roundtable: handouts and videos

Matarials produced for our first participation at the Localization World round table


Xbench: translation memory and quality assurance for free

A practical guide for building a translation memory with free tools and making translations faster and more consistent.


The style guide: three hours to set the pace

A practical example of how it's possible to draft a style guide for a translation project quickly and easily


Goscinny, dall'idea allo schermo (thesis on Astérix in Italian)

Tesi di laurea sulla scrittura di Astérix e Cleopatra, dal copione iniziale, al fumetto, al cartone animato.

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