Ozawamine (Yomiuriland)

Travel time: 35 minutes - Stations: Keio-Inadazutsumi, Yomiuriland-mae
Trail time: 1,5 hours - Effort: low

A cute urban micro-trail, great for training

+ The good

  • 35 minutes to reach! You can go there in the middle of the morning, reach the end, return and still be back home for lunch
  • Halfway through, you reach a shrine with some beautiful views over Tokyo
  • Very well kept trails, including a few side paths with bamboo groves and picnic tables

~ The bad

  • It's an urban trail. The woods are thick and lush, but you can hear the city noises here and there

It's possible to join this trail with that of Ikuta-Ryokuchi for a single 14km trail. Expect a few "meh" bits in between, though