Yokoyama no michi

Travel time: 40 minutes - Stations: Wakabadai, Minami-Osawa
Trail time: 5 hours - Effort: medium

The most epic cardio training in West Tokyo?

+ The good

  • Who doesn't love 20 km of uninterrupted walking path?
  • The path is always impeccably maintained, and ideal for running
  • As you're running along a major urban railroad, transport is a non-issue
  • A good variety of landscapes, from thick woods, to parks, to pedestrian boulevards
  • Some surprisingly panoramic spots

~ The bad

  • Adjust your expectations: I'm personally astounded that they managed to coordinate such a long, impeccably maintained path, but it's still an urban itinerary. A string of treed boulevards, urban parks and natural reserves, where you are just as likely to spot a squirrel than a Ferrari (got both)
  • The One Kansen highway forces you to do an odd detour in order to reach Nagaike Park and its bridge (worth it)

- The ugly

  • Not a single climb: my GPS isn't that precise, but when it says 24 meters of variation, I believe it
  • There's a bit of car noise, especially in the first ~20% of the path around Wakabadai, which spoils a bit the relaxing aspect of the walk. I honestly thought about bringing earplugs

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