Kokubunji Ridge

Travel time: 16 minutes - Stations: Seijōgakuen-Mae, Futako-Tamagawa
Trail time: 3,5 hours (running) - Effort: medium-high

Easy fun and fitness in the heart of Tokyo

+ The good

  • 16 minutes from Shinjuku, you can't beat that level of convenience
  • Many possible variants. How about adding a loop inside Kinuta Koen? Or making a return trip along the Sengawa river? A few extra km along the Tama river?
  • Interesting spots (Seiko Museum, shrines) and a fun narration (follow the whole course of a torrent from its sources to the Sengawa river and then into the Tama) to keep the walk interesting (and to take a break)
  • There are many open views over mount Fuji that could prove spectacular (with the right weather)

~ The bad

  • It's 100% urban. Yes you cross some cute gardens and parks, yes you will rarely see a car around, but if you felt like reconnecting with nature, this is not the path for you
  • It's a run itinerary, so a few climbs have been added purely for sport. Keep it in mind if you're walking instead

- The ugly

  • Some bits are a bit crowded. Nothing that will stop you from running if you like, but you might want to bring people with you or go very early in the morning if you don't want to feel too conspicuous

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