(RUN) Tama 5 in 1

Travel time: 40 minutes - Stations: Kurihira, Keio Tama-Center
Trail time: 4 hours (running) - Effort: high (it's flat but LONG)

Five great hikes in the Tama area, one epic run

The area around Tama new town has a lot to offer, from city parks to thick woods, from quaint countryside to Fuji views. This route chains 4 of them, plus a bit of the Yokoyama No Michi to create an epic half-marathon.

If you want, you can also tackle them individually (for a ~6Km/2 hours stroll) or in pairs. The first two chain very naturally, and can be stretched to reach Nagayama. Karakida and Tama Center can loop two by crossing a bridge on the Yokoyama No Michi

+ The good

  • No preparation needed. Whenever you like, you can simply hop on the train, buy your lunch at the combini and your walk is sorted out
  • In the right day, the Fuji views at Kurihira are truly stunning. If the sky is clear, try to be there in the morning
  • Karakida has a more subtle, but still capturing charm. Great place for a picnic too
  • The parks around Tama center have a knack for theatrics and make for a fun and unexpected walk
  • Fun fact: two Ghibli cartoons are set in this area. Whisper of the Heart's Shizuku lives in Tama New town, while the tanuki in Pom Poko fight the building of the town itself (and most likely live along your path!)

~ The bad

  • While this itinerary picks what's probably the very best of the Yokoyama No Michi, it still pales compared to the rest and you might find it, well, boring
  • Similarly, in the transition between one course and the other you might need to do some roadside walking (after South Karakida) or take less maintained paths (before Kurokawa farms)

~ The ugly

  • Usual disclaimer for the Tama area applies: despite its amazingly curated parks, this is still the largest urbanization in Japan. You will see cars and you will hear noise. If that impacts on your relaxation/enjoyment, bring headphones and music


Odakyu Walks, where all of these originated