(RUN) Takahatafudo 高幡不動

Travel time: 40 minutes - Stations: Takahatafudo Station, Naganuma Station
Trail time: 2.5 h (running) - Effort: medium

Sweet Sunday stroll or fun running route?

On one side, a lovely hilly route through Kongō-ji Temple, Tama Zoo, the railroad museum and Naganuma park for a calm stroll with great views

On the other, an impeccable cycling and pedestrian path along the river, perfect for stretching your legs

Walker or runner, a real urban gem

+ The good

  • So much calm and nature you won't believe you are just 40 minutes from Shinjuku
  • Plenty of options if you wish to return earlier
  • Impeccably maintained throughout
  • A lot of variety: riverside, hills, temple, rice paddies, woodland...
  • An impressive collection of exotic cars parked under an assuming neighborhood house
  • A large supermarket along the way you can buy lunch/snacks from

~ The bad

  • One very odd connection bit with an abandoned house and a burned down shed and car. I've been in National Parks that looked less clean and safe, but it's still kinda odd (and unavoidable)