LocJAM, the first online contest for videogame translators will be over soon. Kenji Ono from IGDA Japan asked me to make a brief post-mortem about it.

I would say it’s a great opportunity to gather all the contents we have created so far. So, if the project seems interesting to you (and didn’t follow it through the LocSIG facebook group at the time), you will find it all here. Cheers!

The website itself

First of all, the website itself, web-archived for posterity together with the translation kit.

During the contest we used our newsletter to share important guidance regarding rules and issues, you can find it here.

IGDA Japan speeches

Kenji Ono from IGDA Japan invited me twice for presenting the LocJAM project.
Once in December 2013, while I was still building the website and jury behind the scenes and again in May 2014, while waiting for the results.

December 2013: My first introductory speech from January may be less relevant now, but it’s fair to include it for historical reasons 🙂

May 2014: my first postportem. Hopefully we might have another one down the line: I believe that the corpus of text the translators created can give us some brilliant insights on the nature of our cultures and work. I barely scratched the surface of it at the end of my talk, but I will try and get in touch with someone who can explore it better (and if you think you can, please do get in touch)

(If you prefer, there is a screencast version too, without the Japanese interpreting)


During the LocJAM, 7 free workshops were held around the world, with more that 300 participants.

April the 5th: slides and video of the workshop held by Curri BarcelĂł and Jennifer Vela-Valido in London, with a strong focus on adaptation and transcreation

April the 5th: slides of the workshop held by Pablo Muñoz in Madrid, full of great practical guidance

April the 6th: slides and video of the workshop held by Richard Honeywood and myself in Tokyo, with a focus on Japanese adaptation and culturalization

April the 10th: slides of the workshop held by Carme Mangiron at the University of Barcelona, with a real step by step guide to translating the game

10th of April  – Italian language. Video of the Milan workshop by Dario Beretta, with insights on the Italian market and perspectives for translators.


Our work is mostly virtual: we spend most of our career moving electrons behind a screen. But the LocJAM wasn’t, we had hudreds of people moving around, meeting in person, chatting and laughing together. And nothing captures it better than the photos taken during the workshops.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check the Facebook group for more details about these pictures.


Last but no least, the press helped us immensely in spreading the news. Sometimes, we had created the article together with them, others it was pure reporting – an encouraging sign that we did something good!

Indie statik http://indiestatik.com/2014/04/11/locjam/
Talkbacker http://talkbacker.com/gaming/indie-gaming/freedonia-republia-times-6-degrees-sabotage/
IGDA http://www.igda.org/events/event_details.asp?id=414221
Proz http://www.proz.com/translation-news/?p=91672
Proz http://prozcomblog.com/2014/03/28/guest-blog-post-videogame-translators-4-simple-tips-for-a-great-locjam-competition-by-alain-dellepiane-team-gloc/
Kontax http://kontax.com/IGDA_Localization_Group_Creates_First_Global_Video_Game_Translation_Contest-16287-en.html

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Social Game Info http://gamebiz.jp/?p=128846

Xarxa Valenciana http://www.xarxativ.es/es/2014/04/11/game-localization-jam-2014-2/


Alain is the founder of team GLOC. Want to read more stuff by him? You should probably try this blog’s Best of, which has a few dozen of his best articles ready to read. Or you could head over to IGDA – Localization SIG on Facebook, where he shares new stuff almost every week.

Image Credits: Wong Yuk