LocJAM2, the second online contest for video game translators has ended two weeks ago. Once more, it has been a great experience and I will use the coming weeks in order to prepare a little post-mortem, collect feedback from the candidates and (of course) award the Famicom to the best picture

I guess the best thing to do this week is to gather the contents we have created so far, just like last year. So, if the project seems interesting to you (and didn’t follow it through the LocSIG Facebook group at the time), you will find it all here. Cheers!

Website, game and related source-files

First of all, here is the website itself, web-archived for posterity together with the translation kit, exactly like it appeared during the days of the contest.

(If you want, you can also find the beta version, based on another game here)

If you want to translate the game on your own and have any questions or doubts, you can find the FAQ here.

The tool we created in order to translate any Twine game is published on our Git.hub page, together with its full source. And the same goes for the source for the translatable Republia Times.

Road to LocJAM posts

Taking once more inspiration from game developers, I kept a small development diary of the project, starting from the general idea and then developing each aspect step by step.
These posts ramble a bit sometimes (after all, I was deciding what to do!), but the group seemed to appreciate them and they seemed effective in keeping party-poopers at bay, which is always nice.


Making the game translatable – First thing to be prepared: how to make the game translatable?

Building the Jury – Second step: who should act as a juror?

Organizing the Workshops – Third step: how should we build our local workshops?

Promoting the event – Fourth step: how can we promote the event?

What is the goal of LocJAM? – A quick summary for those who question the goals of the contest

Did you like LocJAM1? (survey results) – What people thought of the first LocJAM?

Where are we now? – What have we done so far?

Open beta! Translate right away and tell us what you think – Open beta: would you like to do a quick translation test and tell us how the system works for you?

Now, where were we? – A quick update as we tackle the last preparations before launch.

Let’s discover the workshops! – Getting ready for LocJAM2: announcing the first workshops (to be continued!)


Presskit and promo videos

One particular effort of this edition was getting the promotion right: there is little point in having an amazing game for translation if we can’t spread the word about it.

The first step was preparing a multilingual press kit with video, professionally translated into eight languages with the help of our amazing jurors

English version – written by Alain Dellepiane
Brazilian Portuguese version– translated by SGS Synthesis Group
French version – translated by La Marque Rose
German version – translated by SGS Synthesis Group and Altagram GmbH
Italian version – translated by SGS Synthesis Group
Japanese version – translated by Keywords Studios
Russian version – translated by All Correct
Spanish version – translated by SGS Synthesis Group
LatAm Spanish version – translated by SGS Synthesis Group



After the launch trailer, we created two other videos for the workshops and to announce the end of the contest, this time without subtitles


Workshop slides, videos and photos

The workshops generate an amazing amount of great content throughout the world but, unless you had the chance to attend, it is all destined to vanish.

That’s why I tried to collect as many videos and presentations as possible. Some events still didn’t respond, but those who did gave us some real gems.

In chronological order:

JAN 24 – Brazil, Global Game Jam Curitiba: “Tradução de jogos: Como localizar?part 1 and part 2 (Portuguese)

JAN 26 – Germany, Anhalt University:  “Tools and techniques for game localizationslides and video, “Goodgame studiosslides and video, “Aspects of game development and game designslides and video, “Altagramslides and video (English)

FEB 15 – Japan, Co-working Space Kokemusazu, Tokyo: “An insight into localizationslides and video (English and Japanese)

FEB 17 – Spain, Valladolid University, Soria:  “Hacia el ocio como profesiónslides (Spanish)

FEB 18 – Spain, Inst. Sup. de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción, Seville: “La localización de videojuegosslides (Spanish)

FEB 18 – England, University College London: “LocJAM Londonslides (English)

FEB 19 – USA, University of California, San Diego: “Video Games Localizationslides (English)

FEB 21 – Spain, Kunlabori Coworking, Madrid: “LocJAM 2 Madrid Workshopvideo (Spanish)

FEB 22 – Spain, Mulhacén9 Coworking Space, Granada: “El mercado de los videojuegosslides, “LocJAM2slides, “Localización 101slides (Spanish)

FEB 22 – USA, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey: “LocJAM2slides (English)

FEB 23, Uruguay, Universidad de Montevideo, “Video Game Localisationslides (Spanish)

FEB 25 – Brazil, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina: “Localização de gamesslides (Portuguese)

FEB 25 – Spain, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: “LocJAM2slides and video

FEB 27 – Spain, Universitat de Barcelona: “LocJAM2slides

MAR 5 – USA, Game Developers Conference, San Francisco: “IGDA Localization SIG Roundtableslides


Workshop photos

Another aspect that gets easily lost is the lovable nerds that hide behind our online personas. There is nothing quite like seeing a room full of people smiling and having fun to know that all the efforts we put into this are far from being wasted.

Incidentally, these pictures were sent from the organizers specifically for online sharing, but if there are any that you would prefer to see removed, just drop me a line.




Once more, the press proved a precious ally for spreading the word. Besides old friends pitching in again to help us out, we had some huge names showing interest (like a certain Famitsu). Our coverage is still sketchy in some languages, but we’re clearly getting better at this!



American Translator Association Chronicle: Interview with a game localizer

TAUS blog: LocJAM2: videogame translation contest

Tool box journal: Happy game-translating!

Proz.com: LocJAM2: 22 February – 1 March 2015



Playerone.tv: La LocJAM 2 nous donne rendez-vous le 22 février

Agence Française pour le Jeu Vidéo: “Translation unleashed!” – Workshop sur la traduction dans le jeu vidéo


Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V.: Videospiele-Übersetzerwettbewerb LocJAM2


Outcast: Outcast Speciale Localizzazione 2014 (podcast)

Outcast: la LocJAM2 sta arrivando

IGN Italia: LocJAM: un concorso di traduzione di videogiochi

Terminologia etc: LocJam2

Old Games Italia: LocJam 2015

Adventure’s Planet: LocJam 2015


Famitsu: プロ・アマ問わずのゲーム翻訳コンテスト“LocJAM”が開催決定 特別ワークショップも開催

Gamespark: 完全初心者からのゲーム翻訳!「LocJAM」事前ワークショップレポート

IGDA Japan: LocJAM2

Gamespark: ゲーム翻訳イベント「LocJAM」が開催決定、プロ・アマ問わずに参加できるインターネット上のイベント

Gamebusiness: ゲーム翻訳イベント「LocJAM」が開催決定、プロ・アマ問わずに参加できるインターネット上のイベント



Geektimes.ru: Приглашаем на второй конкурс LocJam среди переводчиков игр


Earres.com: LocJAM 2 Granada: ¿Quieres traducir un videojuego?

Akihabara Blues: LocJAM 2 tendrà sede en Granada

Heraldo de Soria: El Campus Duques de Soria acogerá un curso de traducción de software y videojuegos

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona: LocJAM 2 Barcelona Workshop

Asociación Española Universitaria de Traductores e Intérpretes en Formación: LocJAM 2015

Universidad de Las Palmas: La Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación participa en el Concurso de Traducción LocJAM 2015

Creativa Canaria: Concurso de traducción de videojuegos


Special thanks

There are so many people that we should thank for this event that I am bound to forget someone. I will try and update this list soon, and get in touch with each of you for a personal thank you

First of all, thanks  to Simon Crosignani and Miguel A. Bernal for help, support and guidance from within the Localization Special Interest Group

Thanks to the four makers of Grandpa, for letting us have such a sweet title for LocJAM2: Omar EneziAbdullah HamedBasma Mariki and Darren Curtis

Thanks to Marco Montanari for programming the Twine extractor and translation layer for the game and for tweaking the website for it

Thanks to Fabio “Kenobit” Bortolotti for the catchy Bit Beat Beach tune we used in our videos

Thanks to the amazing volunteers who organized the workshops: Sheila GomesUta Seewald-Heeg, Judith Brenner, Richard Honeywood and Ema Kodaka, Carlos la Orden, Curri Barceló and Jennifer Vela Valido, Robinson Lerisset and Antoine Gaudin, Cristina Ramìrez, Stephen Mandiberg, Belén Agulló García, Max Troyer, Eugenia Arrés, Diana Díaz Montón and Irene Igualada, Mariana Steffen, Cristiane Vidal and Fernando Silva, Carme Mangiron, Vladimir Konoplitsky

Thanks to the jurors which are checking all the entries right now: All Correct Language Solutions, Altagram, Anakan, Binari Sonori, Game Audio Factory, Globaloc, Gorgone Productions, ITI, Janus, Jinglebell Communication, Keywords InternationalLa Marque Rose, Levsha, Locsmiths, Partnertrans, Pink Noise, Pole to Win, Studio Arkì, SGS Synthesis Group, T-Recs Studios, Worldlab

Thanks to the magazine writers who helped us spread the news: Andrea Maderna at IGN Italia and Outcast, Roberto “Tsam” Bertoni at Oldgames Italia and Adventure’s Planet, Cris Anciaux at Playerone.tv, Licia Corbolante at Terminologia etc., Jost Zetzsche at the Tool Box Journal, Isabella Massardo at TAUS, Jeff Sanfacon at the ATA Chronicle and Maria Kopnitsky at Proz.com

Thanks to the bloggers who shared their experience about the event, from Eugenia Arrés‘s great summary as a workshop organizer, to the brilliant posts by Aixa Algaba MayeChrouya, Anthony D. Teixera,  Dwi Krisdianto and Paulo Belato about their experience as candidates.

Thanks to all those who help us spread the word on social [email protected] @Az_100 @Belen_Translate @Bitorikova @BudokaiMR2 @CanetheSutter @Kilgraymemoq @ccontinisio @ControlFreak9 @dwikrid @Eugene_Roserie @French_Localize @gameaudiofact @Garyou_Tensei @ilCif @Kaltmond @kasiwagi_vertec @Kitsuntsun @LocusTrans @lupo_fer @marc_rm @MaritaSteffen @Matt_Alt @MurderFreak @PauloBelato @playismEN @PlusCaChangexl8 @rbanospi @RockstarTrad @rowda @sharirvek @SomeIndieGames @Stessium @tensato1 @thetrin @wanderingallie @WordConnection @zeiqu

Thanks to all the 620 candidates of the contest

And finally, thanks to the IGDA Foundation who reached us just before this new competition started to confirm our grant request for LocJAM1 and to offer their support for all future editions, making LocJAM an official IGDA program

Alain is the founder of team GLOC. Want to read more stuff by him? You should probably try this blog’s Best of, which has a few dozen of his best articles ready to read. Or you could head over to IGDA – Localization SIG on Facebook, where he shares new stuff almost every week.

Image Credits: Dead end thrills