team GLOC

Videogame translations

My name is Alain Dellepiane and I translate videogames.

It’s a fairly new profession, so I had to figure out most things by myself. In order to share that experience with my team, I wrote a series of articles that you can now read on this blog.

Check out the "Best of" section below for a curated list of the best things I wrote.

Things I’ve done

Rockstar Games
Testing and editing all Rockstar Games titles from 2003-2005 into Italian: GTA San Andreas, Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt…

team GLOC
Translating over 390+ titles in all genre and platforms: Pro Evolution Soccer, Papers Please, Naruto…

IGDA Localization SIG
As chair of the IGDA LocSIG, creating and managing five editions of the Localization Jam, with 1590+ candidates and 63 workshops around the world.

Best of

I’ve written 47+ articles on this site about translation techniques, localization tools and team management. Here is a list of the very best, prepared and ready to read.

What’s new

Let’s get to work.

Have a challenging game project into Italian or other European languages? We’d love to hear about it.