LocJAM2: the FAQ

A brief summary of the most frequently asked questions about LocJAM 2, either by email or on IGDA LocSIG's FB group (updated)

Road to LocJAM2: let’s discover the workshops!

Getting ready for LocJAM2: announcing the first workshops (to be continued!)

Road to LocJAM2 – Now, where were we?

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. A quick update as we tackle the last preparations before launch.

Road to LocJAM2 – Open beta! Translate right away and tell us what you think

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. Open beta: would you like to do a quick translation test and tell us how the system works for you?

Videogame localization podcast 2014 on Outcast.it [ITALIAN] [PODCAST]

A 90 minutes podcast on game localization, discussing the LocJAM contest, getting started and crowdsourcing with a few known voices from the Italian scene

East-West adaptation and the invisible translator: Stephen Mandiberg (interview)

Brief interview with the researcher Stephen Mandiberg on the oddities of localization and the invisibility of translators.

Road to LocJAM2 – Where are we now?

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. What have we done so far?

Road to LocJAM2 – Did you like LocJAM1? (survey results)

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. What people thought of the first LocJAM?

Road to LocJAM2 – What is the goal of LocJAM?

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. A quick summary for those who question the goals of the contest

Road to LocJAM 2 – Promoting the event

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. Fourth step: how can we promote the event?

Road to LocJAM 2 – Organizing the Workshops

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. Third step: how should we build our local workshops?

Road to LocJAM 2 – Building the Jury

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. Second step: who should act as a juror?

Road to LocJAM 2 – Making the game translatable

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. First thing to be prepared: how to make the game translatable?

What we do at team GLOC (and how much it costs)

A brief summary of the Italian videogame translation and localization services provided by the team, as requested by a few readers

Translating “Papers, Please” and what we learned from it (postmortem)

A detailed postmortem about translating the "Papers, Please" indie game, with in-depth analysis and lessons learned.

Writing and teaching game localization: Carme Mangiron Hevia (interview)

Interview with Carme Mangiron Hevia, former Final Fantasy translator and teacher at Barcelona University, about writing and teaching game localization.

LocJAM 2014: slides, videos, photos and articles… all of it!

All the videos, slides, photos and articles created during LocJAM, the first videogame translation contest held in April 2014

Saving a game localization: Kurt McClung on Mars: Wars Log (interview)

Interview with Kurt McClung, tasked with saving the English version of "Mars: War Logs", with interesting insights on what makes a good localization and the limits of fidelity VS adaptation.

5-13 April 2014 | LocJAM videogame translation contest

April 5>13 anyone willing to translate a game into FR,IT,DE,JP,ES can join the first global localization contest with IGDA Localization SIG, IGDA Japan, team GLOC and 15 of the largest localization agencies in the world

How to translate YouTube subtitles quickly (Extra Credits: The Magic Circle)

A quick and simple process for extracting and translating YouTube subtitles, explained step by step with screenshots

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