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Hi! My name is Alain and I translate videogames into Italian.

It’s a fairly new profession, so I had to figure out most things on my own. And when I had to build my own team, I wrote a series of articles to share what I knew, which you can now find on this blog.

For a curated list of the best things I wrote, you should really check out the "Best of" section below. I hope it helps!

Things I’ve done

team GLOC

Translating over 390+ titles across all genres and platforms: Pro Evolution Soccer, Papers Please, Naruto…

Best of

I’ve written 47+ articles on this site about translation techniques, localization tools and team management. Here is a list of the very best, prepared and ready to read.

Discovering videogame testing

My career started in loc testing, which was enlightening AND grueling. I asked a friend to list the main misconceptions about the job

MDA framework

Personal favorite

How your game works and how players see it? A basic question that can solve many translation doubts, all thanks to this simple bit of design theory (with video)

What’s new

How Cuphead was translated, and why you might never see it.
Challenges and lessons of localizing a 1930-styled indie game
“That's very A-like!” Discover your characters through Japan's obsession with blood types
Character profiles for Japanese games often mention their fictional blood type. Why is that, and how can it help your translation?
Goodbye LocJAM and thanks for all the fish
How my best experiment so far was born, why it's over and why I really want to move on
How do you build the right website for a videogame translator? (UPDATE)
An ongoing collection of thoughts about how to reshape my online presence. Might include useful ideas for others

Let’s get to work.

Have a challenging game project into Italian or other European languages? We’d love to hear about it.

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