Louandu: free and open source invoicing tool for translators. Available now :)

Our own free and open source task calendar and invoicing tool. Designed for freelance translators and teams, tested for years, and now freely available for everyone :)

IGDA LocSIG elections: who you might want to vote and why (SPOILER: not just me)

A brief post on LocSIG's elections for 2015 and a few reasons why you might want to vote for me and for others that share similar goals.

LocJAM2: interview with Abdullah Hamed (Grandpa’s co-creator)

A brief interview with @indiesaudi, from his efforts with the Arabic game community to creating Grandpa, the subject game of LocJAM2

Did you like LocJAM2? (survey results)

A quick analysis of the feedback raised after LocJAM2 and what it could mean for future editions

Translating Ether One: when less is more?

What role should text play inside a video-game? A quick observation based on translating Ether One.

Translating Ether One: style notes

The challenges of translating the first-person adventure Ether One. How is the story? How can we serve it? How should the characters speak?

LocJAM2: games, slides, videos, photos and articles… all of it!

LocJAM2 has ended. Let's see all the interesting content we have created together while we wait for the jurors to hand out the verdict.

LocJAM2: the FAQ

A brief summary of the most frequently asked questions about LocJAM 2, either by email or on IGDA LocSIG's FB group (updated)

Road to LocJAM2: let’s discover the workshops!

Getting ready for LocJAM2: announcing the first workshops (to be continued!)

Road to LocJAM2 – Now, where were we?

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. A quick update as we tackle the last preparations before launch.

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