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Hi! My name is Alain and I translate videogames into Italian.

It’s a fairly new profession, so I had to figure out most things on my own. And when I had to build my own team, I wrote a series of articles to share what I knew, which you can now find on this blog.

For a curated list of the best things I wrote, you should really check out the "Best of" section below. I hope it helps!

Things I’ve done

team GLOC

Translating over 390+ titles across all genres and platforms: Pro Evolution Soccer, Papers Please, Naruto…

Best of

I’ve written 47+ articles on this site about translation techniques, localization tools and team management. Here is a list of the very best, prepared and ready to read.

Discovering videogame testing

My career started in loc testing, which was enlightening AND grueling. I asked a friend to list the main misconceptions about the job

MDA framework

Personal favorite

How your game works and how players see it? A basic question that can solve many translation doubts, all thanks to this simple bit of design theory (with video)

What’s new

How do you build the right website for a videogame translator? (UPDATE)
An ongoing collection of thoughts about how to reshape my online presence. Might include useful ideas for others
How we built a solid translation test... from a simple Nintendo DS game
A quick look on how we built a solid entrance test for videogame translators, learned from it and then stopped running tests altogether
Localization conferences at GDC2017
A quick summary of all localization-related conferences at the Games Developers Conference 2017, featuring Final Fantasy, management tools and Chinese challenges
IGDA Localization SIG Roundtable 2017: how was it?
A quick summary of how the localization roundtable at GDC 2017 went, with the main points of discussion and some behind-the-scenes perspective

Let’s get to work.

Have a challenging game project into Italian or other European languages? We’d love to hear about it.

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