Rambling thoughts on videogame localization, translation challenges, and working with a team

As you can see, I'm redesigning the site and rethinking our communication in general. If you have experience in B2B marketing and possibly gaming/game localization, please give me a shout and let's draft the course together

This past 5th of May, Super Rude Bear Resurrection was launched on PS4 and PC, with great reviews. For the first time, on top of doing the Italian translation, I coordinated all the others (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Polish). It was a great experience, with a few lessons I'd love to share soon.

LocJAM is the first and largest game jam for videogame translators and the last edition ended this past April, with over 400 participants from all over the world. Creating and managing the event for four years has been great and there are a few perspectives I'd love to share.

Until then, you can find all the details on the official LocJAM.org site or -even better- follow the IGDA Localization group on Facebook. We post all updates there and, with almost 3000 active members, there's always something interesting to read.

This past February I attended my first Game Developers conference. I saw quite a few brilliant talks, covering everything from Final Fantasy dialects, to Sony's internal tools to Chinese localization horror stories. I also had the chance to co-host our first game localization round table, with an even larger range of localization topics. I really look forward to organizing more in the future!

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In a game about memory, the first challenge is making the past come alive

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