Translating Ether One: like a drummer

What role should text play inside a video-game? A quick observation based on translating Ether One.

Translating Ether One: style notes

The challenges of translating the first-person adventure Ether One. How is the story? How can we serve it? How should the characters speak?

LocJAM2: games, slides, videos, photos and articles… all of it!

LocJAM2 has ended. Let's see all the interesting content we have created together while we wait for the jurors to hand out the verdict.

LocJAM2: the FAQ

A brief summary of the most frequently asked questions about LocJAM 2, either by email or on IGDA LocSIG's FB group (updated)

Road to LocJAM2: let’s discover the workshops!

Getting ready for LocJAM2: announcing the first workshops (to be continued!)

Road to LocJAM2 – Now, where were we?

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. A quick update as we tackle the last preparations before launch.

Road to LocJAM2 – Open beta! Translate right away and tell us what you think

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. Open beta: would you like to do a quick translation test and tell us how the system works for you?

Videogame localization podcast 2014 on [ITALIAN] [PODCAST]

A 90 minutes podcast on game localization, discussing the LocJAM contest, getting started and crowdsourcing with a few known voices from the Italian scene

East-West adaptation and the invisible translator: Stephen Mandiberg (interview)

Brief interview with the researcher Stephen Mandiberg on the oddities of localization and the invisibility of translators.

Road to LocJAM2 – Where are we now?

Behind the scenes of the second LocJAM. What have we done so far?

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